Polish Workvisit to Spain, April 7-8, 2015

A delegation of Polish members of public institutions and social organizations paid a visit to their Spanish counterparts, to exchange experiences with the mainstreaming of immigrant integration. The participants visited different social consultancies and NGO's both at the local and regional level and paid a visit two to neighbourhoods in the city of Madrid. The discussion focused on the rapid increase and diversification of migration in Spain and the decreasing role of central government due to the economic crisis and retrenchment measures. consequently the role and work of non-governmental organisations was discussed extensively, inter alia by a visit to DINAMIA and CARITAS NGO as well as a visit to the DG Migration of the Regional Government of Madrid and the Red Cross Communitarian Centre in Malasaña neighbourhood (Espacio Pozas).

 Visiting guests;

  • Paweł Michniewicz, Ministry of Interior, Migration Policy Department
  • Maria Shkodzinska , City of Warsaw, Foundation for Development Beyond the Borders
  • Wojciech Bauer, City of Poznań, The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives, coordinator of the      Open Cities project
  • Karolina Sydow, City of Poznań, Migrant Info Point

Spanish  hosts and guest;

  • Joaquín Arango, UCM, UPstream
  • Elisa Brey, UCM, UPstream
  • María Sánchez, UCM, UPstream
  • Daniel Sorando, UCM, UPstream
  • Marcin Paszko, UCM (translation)
  • Elisa Muñoz, UCM (coordination for international projects)
  • Jesús Migallón, CIDALIA, Consultant on Diversity
  • Nuria Lores, CIDALIA, Consultant on Diversity
  • Gema Martin López, DINAMIA, Consultant in social intervention
  • Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, DINAMIA, Consultant in education
  • Sergio Barciela, CARITAS, Migration Department
  • Francesca Petriliggieri, CARITAS , Inclusion Department
  • Javier Sánchez, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Asunción Molina, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Sebastian Salinas, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Joaquín Narros, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Beatriz Pérez, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Pilar Jiménez, Region of Madrid, DG Migration
  • Purificación Guerrero, Red Cross, Sociocomunitarian Centre
  • José Manuel Torre, Red Cross, Sociocomunitarian Centre
  • Aitana Alguacil, FOESSA, Consultant in housing and social inclusion
  • Alvaro Ardura, CLUB de DEBATES URBANOS, Architect
  • Alejandra de Diego, QITERIA, Anthropologist

Fellow upstream members traveling along;

  •  Ignacy Jozwiak, , Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, UPstream
  • Helen McCarthy, Migration Policy Institute Europe, UPstream




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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Co-funded by the European Union European Integration Fund