French Workvisit to the Netherlands, March, 30-31, 2015


On March 30-31st a French delegation of national, regional and local policy makers paid a visit to Rotterdam. After a symposium on the main French and Dutch trends of mainstreaming, the entire delegation paid a visit to the National Program on Rotterdam South. A good example of an area-based mainstreaming approach, where both the national and local government invest in area's in the South of Rotterdam to improve the living conditions in the area. After a discussion on the project's approach and effects there was a site-visit to some of the neighbourhoods in the area. The next day the visit was completed by a symposium on anti-discrimination policies and the collaboration with migrant-self organisations and a visit to the Alderman of Integration policies.

It was interesting to learn more on the different French and Dutch traditions and experiences with integration and citizenship policies and exchange ideas on area-based approaches and the use of statistical information.

 Visiting guests;

 ·         Jean-François Fougnet. Office Manager of the Urban Policy department in the DRJSCS (Direction Régionale de la Jeunesse des Sports et de la Cohésion Sociale) of the department of Rhône-Alpes, let'say the Regional Direction of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (regional body in charge of social cohesion).

 ·         David Proult. Deputy Mayor in education for the City of Saint-Denis.

 ·         Frédéric Callens. Office manager of anti-discrimination for the CGET (Commissariat General à l'Egalité des territoires), the former ACSE (national body in charge of social cohesion).

 ·         Didier Leschi. Deputy prefect for Equal Opportunities for the City of Saint-Denis. 

 ·         Martin Clément. Project officer in the anti-discrimination Mission, within the Défenseurs des Droits, the former Halde with broader tasks. 

 Dutch  hosts and guest;

 ·         Peter Scholten, Erasmus University Rotterdam, UPstream

 ·         Ilona van Breugel, Erasmus University Rotterdam, UPstream

 ·         Xandra Maan, Erasmus University Rotterdam, UPstream

 ·         Arjen Verweij, Ministery of Social Affairs and Employment

 ·         Evelien Kentie, City of Rotterdam

 ·         Prof.dr. Han Entzinger, Erasmus University Rotterdam

 ·         Ronald Derks, City of Rotterdam

 ·         Cyriel Triesscheijn, RADAR institute of anti-discrimination, Art. 1

 ·         Jessica Silversmith, MDRA, Hotline Discrimination Amsterdam Region

 ·         Marianne Vorthoren, Rotterdam Diversity Knowledgecentre


Fellow upstream members traveling along;

  ·         Patrick Simon, INED, UPstream

 ·         Melodie Beaujeu, INED, UPstream

 ·         Meghan Benton, Migration Policy Institute – Europe, UPstream


PO Box 1738, NL-3000 DR 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Co-funded by the European Union European Integration Fund