UK Workvisit to France, March, 25-26, 2015

The work visit of a UK delegation of olicy makers to France took place on the 26 and 27th of March 2015. The visit started at l’INED, the French partner and went on in different places in Paris and Saint-Denis. The visit consisted of inter alia a session on integration and anti-discrimination and site visits to Gisti (an NGO specialising in the rights of foreigners), Professions Banlieues (a network that exists to create connections between professionals working in deprived areas and social scientists ), the migration museum and a school in Saint-Denis.


The British officials and their French counterparts discussed the meaning of mainstreaming in their respective country settings, similarities in terms of the absence of cross-governmental thinking about integration and the differences in perspectives on data collection and monitoring and the involvement of immigrant associations.


Visiting guests;

 ·         Sarah Benioff - Head of Integration and Community Rights, Department for Communities and Local Government

 ·         Stephen Douglass - Head of Housing & Community Services Department, Southwark Council

 ·         Neil Gordon-Orr - Early Help Central Strategic Manager, Children's and Adults' Services Department, Southwark Council

 ·         Di Robinson - Service Director - Neighbourhoods, Bristol City Council

 ·         Darryl Telles - Neighbourhoods Manager, Community Engagement Division, Housing & Community Services Department, Southwark Council

 French hosts and guest;

   ·         Patrick Simon, INED

 ·         Mélodie Beaujeu, INED

 ·         Martin Clement, Slimane Laoufi, Défenseur des Droits (National Institution for anti-discrimination policies :

 ·         Kamel Benamra, Myriam Diaf et Ratiba Bendjoudi, Commissariat Général de l’Egalité des Territoires (National Institution in charge of Urban Policy :

 ·         Representatives from Gisti, Professions Banlieues, School in St Denis

 Fellow upstream members traveling along;

 ·         Ole Jenson - Research Officer, COMPAS, University of Oxford

 ·         Meghan Benton, Policy Analyst, MPI Europe


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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Co-funded by the European Union European Integration Fund